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Boost your Local SEO in Spanish language for Law Firms

There are many components to SEO in Spanish language for your Law Firm with content and backlinks being of top importance.  In addition, a component that is critical but often overlooked is customer reviews.  Reviews have the ability to impact your Spanish SEO for Law Firms positively or negatively, in the same manner that a lack of content and back link can impact your law firm, our team of experts at LOH Digital is ready to help your law firm rank high on google.


Customer reviews for your Spanish language law firm ranks in the top 5 of importance for local SEO in Spanish.  Just as Google looks at backlinks to rank a law firm, having positive customer reviews is reassuring.


Having great customer reviews can turn traffic into paying customers. Customer reviews creates leads, builds trusts and the law firm has higher conversion rates.  This can also decrease the cost of your Spanish PPC  because you will be receiving organic clicks rather than through paid search.  




Obtain reviews from more than one review site


It is no lie that Google reviews rank higher and are more important for local SEO than all the other review sites out there.
LOH Digital will help you obtain Google reviews by ensuring you have Google My Business account, if you don’t have one this should be the first thing you do for your Law Firm. 


However don´t solely focus on Google for customer reviews.  There are many other review sites that Google can pull from to determine reputation such as Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Avvo solely for lawyers, FindLaw, Justia- to name a few, and all these other sites also affect for your Spanish local SEO. 

When creating  profiles for your Law Firm in Spanish for other review sites, make sure to use the same identifying information, this all needs to be consistent from site to site, using the same numeric coding from your phone number to business address.  By not doing so can lessen the algorithm of Google making your other profiles less relevant in turn hurting your local search rankings.


Average star rating for your Law Firm in Spanish

To ensure you are helping your local SEO in Spanish for your Law Firm, it is very important to have high star rankings on your customer reviews. Your average star ranking is probably one of the most important factors for your Law Firm profile and LOH Digital will help you with this.  You want to obtain at least 4.0 stars and always aim to beat your local competitors.  


However if you drop below 4.0 average stars, do whatever it takes-the right way, to get your ranking back up because if your average star ranking is below 4.0 nothing else we are discussing will do much help for your digital marketing strategy in Spanish for your Law Firm.


The correct and ethical way is how you want to improve your star rating. 

Stay clear from compensating customers to leave high reviews or buying reviews.  Don´t ask friends or non paying clients to leave reviews.  By doing so Google can flag your account which would make valid reviews filtered out.


So you ask, How do I get good reviews in Spanish?  The equation is simple, ask customers how you did, were they content with the results, what could you have done differently to make them happy, and solve anything you can before they go out the door.  Then ask them to share their experiences in a review that’s 4.0 or above rank on Google.

Encourage your customers to use the right words

Keywords are not just important in Spanish language SEO and LOH Digital compiles an extensive list of strong keywords for your Spanish digital marketing campaign. Key words and the sentiment of their words your customers are using when writing a review are also important to Google when it comes to ranking your Law Firm.  For example as a lawyer marketing to Hispanics you want your review to have lawyer, law and your location.  If not then your review might not rank well or show up. 

Sentiment analysis is used by Google in determining how your customers feel about your business by the words they use in the review, were they happy, angry or sad?  If the customers were not happy when leaving the review and indicating it through their words, Google might drop the rating of the star.  It is the job of LOH Digital to create leads and attract customers to your Law Firm in Spanish but it´s up to you to encourage positive feedback.  This is why it´s particularly important to ensure your customer is happy with the results and the way you conducted business before they leave your office.  You want to encourage a good positive experience which will elevate a reviewer wanting to write a negative review.  


As a Lawyer, review your profile page to determine if there is a common denominator in the reviews which Google could be reading as bad keywords or sentiment and work off that by encouraging your customers to use different kind of words in a classy manner.  Let your reviewers know you welcome their feedback to improve overall experience.  And once you know they are happy, express to your customers you would appreciate if their shared a review on their legal experience with your law firm and how it made them feel because you pride yourself on the level of service you provide.  Take note of the key words, law firm, legal etc.

There is never enough reviews


In order to make a 5 star rating credible you need to have more than just one or two reviews.  LOH Digital can get your Spanish law firm to rank high on Google search as well as other major review sites and Bird Eye.


Look at your local competitors, how many reviews do they have?  Aim to get more than them but ensure they are 5 star ratings for your law firm in Spanish.
You want to have at least 40 positive reviews, and LOH Digital will help monitor this for you.

Don´t stop the reviews from coming in

If Google and other review sites sees Spanish reviews for your Law Firm suddenly, it might look fraudulent and they will be flagged causing the reviews to be eliminated or not ranked.

Make an effort bi weekly or monthly to get your new Spanish customers to write reviews about our Law Firm in Spanish.  LOH Digital will do your Spanish digital marketing campaign but we need you to encourage your customers weekly so you don’t receive the reviews all at once.  This will show Google and other review sites that your reviews are valid and authentic. If you haven’t received a review in a while then gradually add them, don´t have them come in all at once.

Rich Review Snippets need to use data that is structured


Structured data that is added to an existing HTML that helps search engines, like Google, better understand what kind of information is on each webpage is called Review snippets.  LOH Digital structures all their information as such for law firms in Spanish.  Review snippets are especially important because it helps the consumers speed up their decision as to what website to enter and what law firm in Spanish they will select.  


Having reviews that have high star ratings with good keyword optimization tend to get high on Google ranking.  However reviews on other sites such as Yelp and yahoo haves less of an impact so make sure these structured reviews are unique to your site and the reviewer has a name that´s valid, rather than coming from a business. 

Since Google uses Algorithms stay clear of spammy practices so your law firm in Spanish won´t be flagged. It´s especially important to have these testimonial reviews in Spanish for your law firm on your website, but not on the homepage.


A group of reviews on your webpage is called an aggregate rating.  You want to make sure your aggregate rating reflects the average of all reviews from your site and it´s easy for Google to find your aggregate rating. To do this place all testimonial reviews in one place on your website or link them directly.

LOH Digital will give your local SEO rating in Spanish a boost and will make sure your Law Firm has a strategic digital marketing campaign in Spanish.  We will give you precise Spanish keyword optimization and you as the law firm need to ensure you have a steady flow of reviews with positive sentiment and that have a high star rating from both Google and other credible review sites.  In addition to these reviews ensure to have testimonial reviews in one place on your website. LOH Digital will help your law firm with all your digital needs in Spanish and ensure you are the choice for consumers when they search for law firms in Spanish language.

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