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Why Attorneys should run Spanish Google Ads for their law firm

Most law firms are running English Google Ads, but not many law firms run google ads in Spanish (PPC). If this is your law firm, you need to jump aboard the fast train. English marketing is not like Spanish marketing, and your approach to tap into a different demographic needs to be unique. This is where LOH Digital comes in. Being from native Spanish speaking regions, we know how Hispanics think, search, and react when searching for information. We create unique and effective Spanish Google Ads for your law firm.

Offering Legal Services To Hispanics Is An Efficient And Effective Method To Raising Profits

If I am not wrong, most law firms want to increase revenues. Increasing revenues come from A. raising rates, B. Increase clientele, or C. offering a new service. If you raise your rates, your law firm most likely won’t see increased growth, increasing your clientele; yes, it could happen, but not by a substantial amount. But offering a new product- offering your law firm services in Spanish will open up your firm to a largely untapped market that continues to grow in the United States. Offering legal services to Hispanics will be the most efficient and effective method of raising profits.

High Conversion With A Low Budget when you run Google Ads (ppc) in Spanish

If you are already running Google Ads in English, you know too well the competition that exists, and the cost-per-click is typically high. You will not find that with Spanish google ads. Lawyers and marketers are still learning about Spanish language marketing for law firms, but most importantly, there isn’t as much competition. This will make your cost per click relatively low. Running PPC ads in Spanish for your law firm will be like hitting the jackpot, and your ROI will be instant. Google published a recent study reporting that when Hispanics see a Google Ad in Spanish, or it relates to their culture, 88% of Hispanics will pay attention to it while 41% feel more comfortable. 

Work with LOH Digital to create your law firm marketing strategy in Spanish. As mentioned above, when it comes to Hispanics, we are the experts.

Hispanics Could Be Your Largest Demographic For Your Law Firm

According to, the U.S. Hispanic population reached 60.6 million in 2019. And after reviewing the U.S. Bureau Of Labor, a large percentage of the blue-collar, service, construction, and production industries are employed by Hispanics. These jobs are very labor-intensive and often posses a high risk. When you mix labor with the increased risk, it equates to accidents or employment laws being violated. Somebody needs to represent them shall an accident occur due to malpractice, violation, negligence, etc. Hispanics want to speak with lawyers who understand their culture and talk in Spanish, whether it be a criminal lawyer, immigration lawyer, family lawyer, or personal injury attorney. Opening doors of your law firm to the second largest demographic in America will only help you grow your client base and increase profits.

Contact LOH Digital To Help Your Law Firm Reach The Hispanic Community Through Google Ads In Spanish (PPC)

Whether you need Spanish Google Ads (PPC) or you would like a marketing proposal such as a Spanish website for your law firm, SEO in Spanish, Content in Spanish, or landing pages, our team of experts has you covered. If you are currently marketing in Spanish, but it is not working, we can take a look, add, modify, and execute a new product to ensure you reach new heights. If you have an English website and would like the same design, we can do that in Spanish.  

If you are not running Google Ads in Spanish, you are leaving money on the table, and the client will seek your competitors. Call us for a free evaluation at 206-395-7230, Let’s get started now.

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