9 Ways to get your Spanish law firm websites to Rank on Google​ Searches | Spanish Websites for law firms

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Do you need help getting your law firm to rank in Spanish on search engines? Still, trying to figure out where to start? 

This post will provide nine simple hacks to ensure your Spanish-language website is optimized correctly and starts ranking as soon as possible.​ In addition, below are a few tips to help attract consumers to your postings:

1. Add customer reviews and ratings to each product you sell. This benefits you on a few different levels:

-they’re great for user experience

-they tend to increase conversion rates

-and they’re the type of supplementary content Google loves to see and, in turn, ranks your Spanish language Law Firm website higher on search.

2. Include various images and videos for each product. Relevant images are another significant element for user experience and rankings. Ensure the alt image tag and caption of each photo uses descriptive keywords. This will help your content rank for those keywords and give your images a chance at ranking for related Google image searches.

3. Focus on deep-linking. Attaining links for an e-commerce site is a challenge—get links to specific product pages instead of just your homepage or other high-level pages.

4. Use descriptive language for your product listings. As a law firm, the bulk of the “content” on your site will be the services and descriptions in Spanish. Spend time ensuring each description is complete and contains a variety of keywords related to your services. Discuss the problem your service solves, include the features and benefits of your service, and consider telling a story to make your descriptions more compelling.

5. Encrypt your Spanish law firm website. Site security is important to Google and your users. Encrypting your Spanish Attorney Law website signals to Google and your users that your site is trustworthy and secure.

6. Include location-specific keywords on your site. Remember to include county names, abbreviations, region names, and zip codes—a tool like a local research tool that can help you brainstorm possible variations.

7. Claim and complete your Google my business page. Add your location, hours, phone number, and images to make sure your listing shows up in Google Maps, and Search

8. Make your NAP (name, address, phone number) consistent everywhere online. This includes your website (double-check your footers), social media profiles, Google listings, references on other sites, etc.

9. Keep it local, local, local. To give your local business the best chance of ranking for local search queries, focus most of your efforts on SEO for Law Firms in the Spanish language locally-focused. This includes building links from other local sites, ensuring your on-page factors have your location (content, H1/H2 tags, title tags, etc.), getting reviews from local review sites if possible, etc.

Implementing the hacks above will give your site and content the best chance of ranking in Google; however, many strategies will also naturally provide a better user experience for your site visitors. When in doubt, focus on delivering relevant content in Spanish and promoting it to your target market. This hack alone will go a long way to getting your Spanish law firm website ranking in Google. However, more is needed to dominate the market in Spanish-language digital marketing for Law Firms. If you want to increase traffic, gain more exposure, and increase revenue, call or message LOH Digital. We are nationwide, in Mexico and Spain. We want to help take your Law Firm to the next level with our team of experienced professionals in Spanish language digital marketing for Law Firms; we will devise a digital strategy that works for you and your budget.

Does your law firm need a website in Spanish? We can help create your law firm website in Spanish and help your law firm with Google ads. Check out some of the websites we created for our customers.

Contact LOH Digital today by calling 206-395-7230 for more information on how to grow your law firm for the Hispanic demographic today.  

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