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With more than 10 years of expertise creating and designing websites and PPC campaigns in Spanish for attorneys.

Creative Websites for Law Firms in Spanish

How Do I Get My Website To Show Up Organically On Google?

Are you looking to position your Law Firm ahead of your competitors in a very competitive market? 

LOH Digital not only creates content in Spanish for your law firm, but we also create custom content that is responsive to Google. Custom content is a lucrative strategy for two reasons:


      1. SEO purposes.  

      1. Native Spanish language content that is relevant to the customer 

    To show up on Google organically, it starts with your Law Firm website. Ensuring you have creative content that answers your consumers’ questions and content that is relevant to your audience. If you have information that interests your audience and the longer they stay on your website, Google will rank your site as an appropriate option for consumers seeking Lawyers in the Spanish language.

    Why Is It Important To Have An English and Spanish Website?

    Launching both English and Spanish language websites for your Law Firm is a critical factor in a successful advertising campaign. If you already have an English website that you like, we can mimic your Spanish website. Having both English and Spanish sites for your law firm is self-explanatory for success.


        1. You gain more exposure

        1. You attract to both demographics, increasing your potential revenue gains.

      LOH Digital has been creating original, creative content in the Spanish language for Law Firms for many years. It is not just translating content. Being of Spanish descent, we understand the culture and their emotional behavior when it comes to searching for attorneys on Google. Our team can help your law firm capitalize on a culture that is growing and increase your revenue.

      Other areas of Spanish advertising we specialize in for law firms are:


          • Spanish language PPC for law firms

          • Spanish language SEO

          • Custom Web design in Spanish

          • Google My Business listings

          • Display banners in Spanish

          • Social media advertising in Spanish

          • Content creation in Spanish

          • Video Advertising

          • Call Tracking

        LOH Digital creates Spanish Websites for Law Firms in the following areas of legal practice:


            • Personal Injury

            • Auto Accidents

            • work Accidents

            • Employment Rights

            • Criminal Defense

            • Chiropractors

            • Work Comp

            • Immigration

            • Bankruptcy

            • Family Law

            • Medical Malpractice

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          If you have a website in English or in Spanish and want a second opinion or you would like to recreate, we can help. To learn more or for a free evaluation, call LOH Digital at 1-206-395-7230 or fill out our contact form. 

          LOH Digital also provides Spanish language PPC (pay-per-click) and SEO advertising across the United States.

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