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An effective Spanish digital marketing plan for law firms is essential.  With consumers using their mobile devices more than ever, the need to be exposed on the internet is crucial.  Competition is growing and so is the need to differentiate yourself from other law firms in Spanish language.

There are two major strategies used for Spanish digital marketing and knowing about each is important so you can make an informed decision for your law firm.  There is a confusion for lawyers as to why they need both SEO in Spanish and PPC in Spanish for lawyers.  In this blog, our Spanish digital marketers for lawyers will break down SEO and PPC and how it is relevant for your law firm. 

Spanish language SEO (Search engine optimization) for law firms is a long term strategy, also known as positioning, PPC (pay per click) is a short term strategy that will get your law firm in front of consumers quick through paid ads.  

So some lawyers may ask, why do I need to have both SEO and PPC marketing in Spanish?  And believe if they only advertise using PPC in Spanish, it’s enough.  The short answer is yes you can only use one or the other strategy.  However, using the two in tandem work best together because Google will learn about your site faster.  We will get into more about this later.

Why is it important to hire a Spanish digital marketing firm for your law firm SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a strategy used by Spanish digital marketers in LOH Digital to make your law firm show up on Google organically.  Most marketers use Google as the main platform to advertise because Google controls over 60% of the total internet traffic.  LOH Digital Marketing in Spanish has been successful with landing our clients’ law firm on the first page of Google within weeks of them signing up.  Statistics show if you company lands on page 1 of Google, you have a 90% chance of getting the click for the online pages competing for the specific keywords entered in the search.

How do I get my law firm to show up organically in Spanish?

Not all marketers are able to be successful and know how to navigate Google.  It is through strategic market planning, knowing our demographic that our lawyers are catering to, and knowing how Hispanics search, that has enabled LOH Digital to be so successful for our lawyers in Spanish. It is through hours of research and creative writing, placement of keywords,  and knowing which keyword triggers Google that has helped our clients not only rank on page 1 organically but place #1-4 on page 1 organically.  

Digital marketers in Spanish for law firms, can ́t simply list your law firm and have it placed organically.  Google chooses how to place your business on how relevant they think your content is to the key words and topics that your Spanish marketer has chosen. From there your law firm is ranked based on internal algorithms.  

This is SEO and our clients did not have to pay Google for their business to show up in front of thousands of consumers.  We help our clients keep their investment low with a high return.  It is not easy, but with years of experience, market research and knowing what drives Google has helped us achieve great success for our lawyers in Spanish language.

Pay Per Click (PPC) In Spanish For Law Firms

Simply put, PPC is paid advertising.  In short, Law firms pay Google and your ads shows up in front of thousands of consumers daily.  LOH Digital Marketing will get more in depth with how this works and why Spanish language PPC is important for your law firm.

In addition to SEO, PPC is another method used to get your law firm on Google or other major search engines.  These listings will show up typically on top of the organic listings with an “Ad” before the listing.  If you want to pay top dollar for a keyword, you will have the advantage of your ad showing up at the very top of all listings including organic searches.  However, you will only pay if the consumer clicks on your ad which then directs them to your website, known as a click through, then you will pay for that impression.

How Does PPC Work?

There are specific strategies marketers use to maximize your PPC advertising in Spanish language.  The best Spanish language advertising agency, LOH Digital, will select keywords that are specific to your law firm. Again, not any agency can just pick this up.  It is through years of experience, knowing your demographic and how the consumer searches is what will differentiate you from your competitors.  The goal is to pay the least possible for key words.  For instance if we see there is too much competition for a specific keyword which drives the price and depletes your budget quickly, we alter the campaigns and keywords.

A list of keywords are made based on your areas of specialty, location, and demographics. From their your marketer will create a campaign with your intended budget you wish to spend for the month.  You can elect to have your campaign running for certain hours of the day and even certain days of the week. Some keywords cost more than others.  Once your campaign is up and running on Google, you and your competitors will be in a continuous bid for specific keywords.  For an example, a consumer will type in “accident lawyer in X (city or state) and if you pay the most for that keyword, your law firm Ad will show up first.  

Additionally, the more clicks you have, the more relevant your content is to the subject searched, and the longer consumers stay on your website, Google is learning your webpage is relevant.  Google wants to provide internet users with the best information that is specific to their search, therefore your impression will be listed before other Ads that google doesn’t know.

The more your law firm is exposed, the more traffic that is going to your website, Google learns your company has relevance to internet users and this will help your law firm rank on Google.  This is why Spanish language SEO and PPC in Spanish is important and should work in tandem.  You can have multiple outlets leading to your website and landing pages that will allow you to rank on the first page of google and you will be able to outbid your competitors without depleting your budget.

If you’re in need of SEO and PPC in Spanish language for your law firm, contact LOH Digital Marketing at 206-395-7230 or fill out our contact form.  We can get your law firm on track and in front of thousands of Hispanics. 

We bridge the gap between a large agency style and a small boutique firm and customize all of our content to each and every client.  We offer:

  • Responsive website
  • Google positioning
  • Blog content
  • Google PPC
  • Social media management
  • Landing pages
  • Location pages
  • Franchise sites

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